After careful observation and consideration, Harvest Point Ministries chose to adopt the rich and diverse curriculum of ISOM - International School of Ministry as our ministry resource for training needed leadership for Africa. Harvest Point Ministries is the exclusive African partner and representative of ISOM. The Isom training and teaching modules involves practical lessons and lectures from a number of the Renowned Evangelists and Preachers all over the world.

Effectively, we are placing at the disposal of locals, the wealth of wisdom, credibility and experience of ministries that have and are still touching the world for Christ. This also creates or empowers the local Leadership of the Church to operate as the ground army that takes the Land and occupies it for the honor and glory of the master. Further information about the ISOM curriculum can be assessed here.
With this Training Resource, Totally Remarkable Results have been recorded in Benin, Togo and Nigeria to the Glory of God.

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Dagunduro is a monthly Yoruba Christian program organized by Harvest Point Ministries (HPM) to promote the use of Yoruba language in the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in United States of America.

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