Harvest Point Ministries enters into every mission thrust with a commitment to stay with and support our Students and ministry affiliates. While providing a pool of mentor-ship resource, we also provide Financial / Material Support to several ministries and field workers. This openness has also inspired some locals to partner with other ministries and Churches in caring for the overall need of Ministries and Ministers in general.

Presently, we have made careful selection of different ministries and ministers with remarkable testimonies of Transformation. We have partnered with them and our partnership has given a moral and financial boost to New Church Building Projects, Orphanage Supports, Material Resources and even Monthly Financial Support to Pastors and Ministries.

You are welcome to access and explore more information about the list of ministries we support, Our Process and Commitment. Feel free to partner with us and be assured that the amount of money or resources you designate will be invested totally in the mission of the Kingdom.


Dagunduro is a monthly Yoruba Christian program organized by Harvest Point Ministries (HPM) to promote the use of Yoruba language in the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in United States of America.

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